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Taking available liquidity

Offers on Mangrove can be taken in two ways:

  • With a market order
  • By sniping individual offers

A market order consumes the offers starting from the best price, making sure that the limit price set by the taker is always satisfied.

A taker may snipe a custom set of offers, targeting those that have the lowest required gas for instance.

Taking offers​

The main way to consume liquidity on Mangrove is through a market order, a configurable type of order that executes offers from best to worst. The Taking offers section details how market orders work, and covers offer sniping as well, wherein one can target individual offers.

Cleaning offers​

Offers on Mangrove can fail. Liquidity-taking functions can also be used to trigger failing offers and take them out of Mangrove. The Cleaning offers section details how to safely trigger failing offers and make a profit doing so.


An allowance mechanism lets you separate the address that provides the funds and the address that originates the buy/sell transactions. The Delegation section details how to let other addresses use your funds.