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Run a simple cleaning bot

In this tutorial you'll download, configure, and run a simple cleaning bot on your own machine which cleans Mangrove on the Polygon Mumbai testnet. When you're done, you'll have the foundation for developing and operating your own cleaning bot.

The tutorial assumes that you have Git, NodeJS, and Yarn 2 installed and feel comfortable on the command line.

Step 1: Clone the repo containing the example cleaning bot

First, clone the mangrove-bots monorepo which contains the example cleaning bot we'll be using:

git clone

Then go into the clone and run install to have the necessary npm packages installed:

cd mangrove-bots
yarn install

Finally, go into the folder containing the cleaning bot and we're ready to configure it:

cd packages/bot-cleaning

Step 2: Configure the bot

Before we start the bot, it must be told which account to use for signing transactions, which node provider to use, and the markets to clean. This is done via two files:

  • .env.local which contains secrets
  • config/default.json which contains configuration

Create a .env.local file containing a JSON-RPC URL for the Polygon Mumbai testnet and a private key:

# mangrove-bots/packages/bot-cleaning/.env.local

# The URL for a Polygon Mumbai JSON-RPC endpoint

# The private key for transaction signing

You can use any Mumbai RPC URL, including the public ones that can be found on Polygon's website:

Make sure the account has testnet MATIC. You can get this from the Polygon faucet:


Use a fresh private key and do not share it with anyone.

The repo's .gitignore file contains .env.local in order to prevent accidentally committing the secrets you put in the .env.local file. However, as always you should be vigilant about private keys.

Then open config/default.json and replace its contents with the following JSON:

"logLevel": "debug",
"markets": [
["WETH", "DAI"]
"runEveryXMinutes": 0.5

This tells the bot to log debug information, clean just the WETH/DAI market, and to clean twice per minute.

Step 3: Build and Run the bot

Building and running the bot is as simple as:

yarn build
yarn start

If everything is working as it should, you'll see the bot logging something like the following to the console:

2022-11-15T14:34:29.027Z [info] [init] Starting cleaner bot...
2022-11-15T14:34:29.529Z [info] [init] Connected to Mangrove | data: {"network":{"id":80001,"name":"maticmum"},"addresses":[["DAI_AAVE","0x9A753f0F7886C9fbF63cF59D0D4423C5eFaCE95B"],["USDC_AAVE","0x9aa7fEc87CA69695Dd1f879567CcF49F3ba417E2"],["USDT_AAVE","0x21C561e551638401b937b03fE5a0a0652B99B7DD"],["WETH_AAVE","0xd575d4047f8c667E064a4ad433D04E25187F40BB"],["aWETH","0x685bF4eab23993E94b4CFb9383599c926B66cF57"],["aDAI","0xDD4f3Ee61466C4158D394d57f3D4C397E91fBc51"],["aUSDC","0xCdc2854e97798AfDC74BC420BD5060e022D14607"],["DAI","0xC87385b5E62099f92d490750Fcd6C901a524BBcA"],["USDC","0xF61Cffd6071a8DB7cD5E8DF1D3A5450D9903cF1c"],["WETH","0x63E537A69b3f5B03F4f46c5765c82861BD874b6e"],["Mangrove","0xF3e339d8a0B989114412fa157Cc846ebaf4BCbd8"],["MgvReader","0xfAB31d37f8DF5bff07Bb3c16B33416eCd4Aab76F"],["MgvCleaner","0xEb05Ace3574B0a6f4696c5CcD09e730d6d5ED3b0"],["MgvOracle","0xd38c02425da847584eeDA72387DAAA2E8f3b90c8"],["MangroveOrderEnriched","0x9A643978A0A50459d6159bc87f97B309E539083b"]]}
2022-11-15T14:34:31.457Z [info] [(WETH,DAI)] [init] Initalized market cleaner
2022-11-15T14:34:31.458Z [info] Running bot every 0.5 minutes. | data: {"runEveryXMinutes":0.5}
2022-11-15T14:34:32.382Z [info] [(WETH,DAI)] [block#=29166718] Cleaning market
2022-11-15T14:34:32.702Z [info] [(WETH,DAI)] [block#=29166718] Order book retrieved | data: {"asksCount":59,"bidsCount":16}
2022-11-15T14:34:33.063Z [debug] [(WETH,DAI) asks #526] [block#=29166718] Static collect of offer failed | offer: {"next":527,"offer_gasbase":208000,"id":526,"prev":525,"gasprice":2,"maker":"0x7D63939ce0Fa80cC69C129D337a978D0E1F354A1","gasreq":300000,"gives":"3.103826046713452086","wants":"4438.47124680023648298","volume":"3.103826046713452086","price":"1430"} | data: {"reason":"mgvCleaner/anOfferDidNotFail","code":"CALL_EXCEPTION","method":"collect(address,address,uint256[4][],bool)","errorArgs":["mgvCleaner/anOfferDidNotFail"],"errorName":"Error","errorSignature":"Error(string)","address":"0xEb05Ace3574B0a6f4696c5CcD09e730d6d5ED3b0","args":["0x63E537A69b3f5B03F4f46c5765c82861BD874b6e","0xC87385b5E62099f92d490750Fcd6C901a524BBcA",[[526,{"type":"BigNumber","hex":"0x00"},{"type":"BigNumber","hex":"0x00"},9007199254740990]],false],"transaction":{"data":"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","to":"0xEb05Ace3574B0a6f4696c5CcD09e730d6d5ED3b0","from":"0x5a6272e5d8690ad47Df72BBf7Fb08cE1851b8f54"}}

The bot is quite chatty in debug mode, so you'll probably quickly want to turn it down to info 🀫

Congratulations, you're now a Mangrove Keeper Bot Operator 🀠🧹

Next steps

The example cleaning bot we used in this tutorial is fully functional, but rather naive. For example, it tries to snipe offers without paying anything and only the simplest of offers will fail in this scenario. So you'll probably want to implement more advanced sniping techniques, e.g., by looking into more advanced ways offers may fail.

You can read more about why offers can fail and the role of cleaning bots in Mangrove's ecosystem here: The role of cleaning bots in Mangrove.

Feel free to use the example cleaning bot as a starting point for building your own bot. And if you want to build you own bot from scratch, that's cool as well 😎 In either case, you'll probably want to check out the following reasources:

  • SDK: mangrove.js
    • The mangrove.js SDK makes it easy to monitor order books and to send snipe transactions. The example cleaning bot relies on the SDK for all of the heavy lifting.
  • Contract: MgvCleaner
    • The MgvCleaner smart contract is deployed together with Mangrove and provides a collect function that snipes offers and reverts if any of the offers don't fail.