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Using snipes to take an offer

You can take specific offers using Mangrove's snipes functionality. This could also be handy if you'd like to take your own offer for the sake of testing (and not some other one in the order book), following up on the smart offer tutorial.

Approve Mangrove to use Taker's funds​

Before being able to take an offer we need to approve Mangrove to pull funds from the taker's USDT reserve:

cast send --rpc-url $LOCAL_URL "$USDT" "approve(address, uint)" "$MANGROVE" 26000000000 --private-key "$PRIVATE_KEY"

Now we ensure that we have set everything up correctly for the offer to be successfully taken. Place the offer ID of your target offer in a variable, and use it to call the snipes function.

Note: more info on the offer ID in the smart offer tutorial

export OFFER_ID_HEX=<0xabcd...> # the hexadecimal offer ID captured when posting the offer
export OFFER_ID=$(($OFFER_ID_HEX)) # the decimal ID of the offer captured above

Sniping the offer​

cast send --rpc-url $LOCAL_URL "$MANGROVE" "snipes(address, address, uint[4][], bool)" "$WBTC" "$USDT" "[[$OFFER_ID,26000000000,100000000,100000000000000000]]" 1 --private-key "$PRIVATE_KEY"

Now, run the resulting transaction via:

cast run <transactionHash>

Towards the end of the trace you can find the function of makerPosthook being called and emits an event with the data 42 as specified in the __posthookSuccess__ of your new OfferMakerTutorial contract.

   β”œβ”€ [8280] 0xabc...::makerPosthook(...) 
β”‚ β”œβ”€ emit topic 0: 0xefg...
β”‚ β”‚ data: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002a


If you get errors when taking the offer then it is probably missing approvals or (native) tokens.

  • mgv/takerTransferFail - missing DAI tokens or approval of transfer of DAI from taker to Mangrove.
  • No __posthookSuccess__ but makerExecute is red in the trace - missing WETH tokens of approval of transfer of WETH from maker to Mangrove.