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How to reopen a strategy?

You can reopen a strategy that has been closed previously:

  1. Go to the Mangrove dApp and click on the Strategies tab

  2. Click the "Re-open" button of one of your closed strategy

  3. On the card that appears, click on "Yes, continue"

  4. Determine your desired price range by dragging the limits on the market depth chart, setting the minimum and maximum price values, or using the percentage inputs. The market depth chart displayed on the strategy page allows you to see the real-time buy (Bids) and sell (Asks) offers on the Mangrove DEX for a given market

  5. Set the Number of price points, Ratio and Step size.

  6. Choose your initial inventory for both tokens

  7. Choose a bounty amount,then then click on "Review Strategy"

  8. Check your strategy parameters carefully. If you want to edit them, click on "Back". If you agree with them, click on "Launch strategy"

  9. Sign the various confirmations, then choose between clicking on "View strategy" to manage your strategy or selecting "Done" to go back to the Strategies page