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How to place a market order


  1. Choose whether to "Buy" or "Sell" and click on the "Market" button.

  2. Select the token pair you want to trade.

  3. Type in the amount of tokens you want to buy/sell. The amount to be sent will automatically appear.

  4. Choose your slippage tolerance.


Slippage is the difference between expected and actual trade prices.

  • Setting a tolerance allows trades to execute within a certain price range.
  • Higher tolerance may mean quicker execution, but less favorable prices.
  • Lower tolerance may mean better prices, but potential for trade not to execute.
  • Find the right balance for your trade.
  1. Click on "Approve and buy/sell". A card will appear, tick the infinite approval box, click on "Allow 'token'" and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

  2. Click "Done" to close the pop-up.

  3. Another card appears: verify the information, click on "Confirm buy/sell" and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

  4. Click on "Done".

  5. Wait for the notification card to appear, stating that your order has been filled.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your market order! πŸ€“