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Taker's fee

When a trade occur on Mangrove, a small fee is charged to the Taker taking an offer:

  • It is a percentage of the tokens the Taker is about to receive
  • Different trading pair have different fees (it usually depends on the market's volatily)
  • The fee will be displayed before you Confirm buy when placing a Market or Limit order

Current markets and fees​

  • Taker buys 2 WETH at a unit price of 1100 USDC/WETH
  • Fee: 5bps = 0.05%
  • Fee to be paid: 2 WETH * 0.05% = 0.001 WETH
  • Taker receives 2 WETH minus paid fee = 1.999 WETH

Here is what it looks like on Mangrove app:

Fees for GTT resting limit orders​

There is a special case scenario for resting limit orders (when using GTT): Takers only pays a fee for the immediately executed part of the order, not on the resting one.