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Welcome to Mangrove Docs


This documentation is currently work in progress! You might notice several "Coming soon" or "Pre-release" annotations. We are still fine-tuning the corresponding sections, as we launch Mangrove in stages.

Stay tuned for more information on Twitter and Discord!.

Integrating dApps

If you're a developer looking to integrate your dApp with Mangrove, dive into the sections on the SDK.


Start here for an overview of the Mangrove TypeScript SDK.

Set up your environment

Set up your local dev environment to work with the SDK.

Post a simple offer

Start building - follow the tutorial on posting an on-the-fly offer.

API Reference

Find the SDK API Reference here.

Keeper bots

Keeper bots are an essential part of Mangrove's ecosystem that ensure a smooth experience for all.

Keeper Bots

Explore the dedicated section on keeper bots.