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Amplified Liquidity

An offer on mangrove that is under collateralized.


A portion of an offer provision that is sent to the taker to compensate a failure to deliver.

Cleaning Bot

An off-chain bot that keeps the order books clean by sniping failing offers.


The ratio of tokens promised by an offer over the gas it requires to be executed.


The maximum gas requirement the taker will tolerate for an offer.


An estimate of the price of a gas unit, in native token amount.


An upper bound of the gas units that an offer requires when called by Mangrove.


The volume of tokens an offer promises in exchange of the full volume of required tokens.


An internal function that can be overridden to change the default behavior of a smart contract.


The token type that an offer taker must send.

Keeper Bot

An off-chain bot that helps keep Mangrove functioning optimally.

Last Look

Feature of an offer logic that verifies whether trade execution should be cancelled.

Maker Contract

A maker contract is a smart contract that is bound to an offer posted on Mangrove.

Maker Partial Fill

When an incoming order partially takes the volume given by an offer.


Callback function of an offer logic that is called by Mangrove to prior to a trade settlement.


The callback function of an offer logic that is called by Mangrove post trade settlement.

Offer ID

The identifier of an offer in a given offer list.

Offer List

A list of offers on the same token pair, ranked from best price to worst price.

Offer Logic

The part of a maker contract that is executed as a consequence of a call by Mangrove when processing a taker order.

Offer Owner

An account that is allowed to post, update or retract a specific offer posted by a maker contract.

Offer Rank

The position of an offer in an Offer List.

On-the-fly Offer

An offer posted by an EOA, in contrast with a smart offer, which is posted by a smart contract.


The token type that an offer taker will receive.

Pivot ID

The identifier of an offer whose rank is close enough to the one at which an offer is inserted in an offer list.


An amount of native tokens that is attached to a live offer on Mangrove and that is used to compensate a fail-to-deliver.

Reactive Liquidity

Liquidity providers can post offers that are not fully provisioned. It is enough that their code brings the promised liquidity at match-time. In the meantime, it can be put to work.


Makers can renege on the offer to trade (e.g, because the market conditions changed) by incorporating defensive code in the maker contract.


Location of offer owners' funds for offer logic's execution.


A smart contract that is used by an offer logic to manage liquidity in a modular fashion.

Smart Offer

An offer that is bound to a smart contract, as opposed to an on-the-fly offer.

Taker Fee

A portion of the tokens promised to the taker that are sent to the protocol's vault.


The volume of tokens an offer requires in exchange of the full volume of promised tokens.