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The TypeScript SDK

The Mangrove SDK is a TypeScript library that can help you write off-chain apps that work with Mangrove's ecosystem. It wraps around ethers.js and adds a number of Mangrove-specific functionality and API. In a nod towards its ethers.js-underpinnings, the SDK package is named mangrove.js.

The SDK is appropriate for both client- and server-side apps: It is web browser-compatible and works with Node.js.

Open source and free to use - on your own responsibility​

The SDK is used in production in the Mangrove web app, and in a number of keeper bots, but the SDK should be used responsibly. It is considered in open beta, and is constantly under development.

The SDK is open source, and is provided freely to the community as a starting point for writing apps to work with Mangrove's ecosystem. However, do note that the SDK may contain bugs or may change significantly between patch versions. As such it should be used responsibly and with care.

If you have questions about how to use the SDK, which are not answered sufficiently in this documentation, do reach out on the Mangrove Discord. And pull requests to the SDK are, of course, welcome!

Where do I start?​

The best starting point for developing your app, is the Getting Started section - start by reading the page on Setting up your local development environment.

If you just want to dive directly into reading about the technical details of the SDK, jump to the SDK Introduction or refer directly to the mangrove.js API Reference generated from the latest published package on NPM.

Where is the mangrove.js package?​

If you just want to find the latest mangrove.js package on NPM - go to @mangrovedao/mangrove.js.

Where is the code?​

The code for the mangrove.js SDK is available on GitHub. Pull requests are welcome!