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The Mangrove Season 1 Points Program rewards active participants, known as 'Makers' (liquidity providers) and 'Takers' (traders) in the Mangrove ecosystem. Points are allocated for trading activities, liquidity provision, referrals, and community participation. The scheme is structured as follows:

TotalΒ points=(TradingΒ Points+LPΒ Points)βˆ—Boosts+ReferralΒ PointsTotal\ points = (Trading\ Points + LP\ Points) * Boosts + Referral\ Points



Community Points do not contribute to Total Points for Leaderboard Rankings. They will be allocated specifically after the MS1 program concludes

  • Trading Points: Calculated based on trade volume, with different weightings for each market. Includes market, limit and amplified orders,where the limit order is partially filled with market order

  • Liquidity Provision (LP) Points: Derived from uptime, liquidity's proximity to mid-price, and generated volume and also market weighted. Includes limit orders, amplified orders and strategies.

  • Boosts: A tiered level system increasing LP and trading points, determined by consistent activity and volume levels.

  • Referral Points: Gives a 10% bonus in points for both referee and referrer, based on the referee's LP and trading points.

  • Community Points: Gives points to past and future active participants in MangroveDAO-organised campaigns.

Stay updated with these opportunities by following @MangroveDAO on X and joining the MangroveDAO Discord community.