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How to connect your wallet

We suggest using Metamask as it's currently considered a highly reliable and stable wallet option. Down below, you will find detailed steps to:

Steps to connect to Mangrove mainnet and testnet​

  1. Go to our testnet app, and connect your wallet by clicking on "Connect my wallet" - choose Metamask.

  1. Select which account(s) you'd like to connect. Click "Next", and then "Connect".

  1. Mangrove is live on both Polygon mainnet, and Polygon Mumbai testnet.
  • Polygon mainnet: you need to be connected to the Polygon mainnet. If you see a "Unsupported Network" pop-up, click "Switch network".
  • Polygon Mumbai testnet: you need to be connected to the Polygon Mumbai test network.

If you see a "Unsupported Network" pop-up, click "Switch network".

  1. Once connected, the offers in the order book will appear - you can now start using Mangrove app!

Adding the networks manually​

  1. If you do not yet have the Mumbai test network registered, a pop-up asking you to approve its addition will show up. Click "Approve".


In case you do get a Chain ID error, you'll need to add the network manually. Rest assured, it's super easy - just follow the below steps.

  1. Add Mumbai testnet manually

    • First, click "Cancel".

    • Then, open Metamask again.

    • Click on your current network at the top, then on "Add network" at the bottom.

    • A new web browser tab will open - click on "Add a network manually".

    • Key in the following information, and hit "Save":
      Network Name: Mumbai Testnet
      New RPC URL:
      Chain ID: 80001
      Currency Symbol: MATIC
      Block Explorer URL:

    • A few confirmation pop-ups will appear - click "Got it" and "Switch to Mumbai testnet".

    • You're done! You can now head back to Mangrove app.

Steps to get some test tokens (testnet)​

  1. Click on the three dots on the top right corner, and click 'Faucet".

  2. A pop-up opens; you will need to get some natic tokens for gas fees (in MATIC), as well as one of the three available currencies available on Mangrove testnet at the moment (WETH, USDC, DAI).

  3. To add MATIC tokens:

    • Click "Go to Mumbai MATIC faucet"

    • A new tab opens - key in your account address to receive the tokens.

    • Make sure the "Mumbai" testnet is selected, as well as "MATIC" tokens

    • Click "Submit", and "Confirm"

    • Done - a message displays, telling you you should receive your MATIC tokens within 1-2min

  1. To add WBTC, WMATIC or USDT:
    • Click on "WBTC", "WMATIC", or "USDT" on the faucet pop-up
    • A field appears - type in an amount (or hit "Max"), and click "Mint".
    • Once again, Metamask opens - click "Confirm".
    • After a few seconds, a pop-up green success pop-up will appear at the bottom of your screen.
    • Done - you can now head back to the Trade page and start trading!